Outline of the book


  1. What Is This Book About?
  2. Beginning in the Middle - Mariposa, 1961
  3. The Invention of Folk Music
  4. A Child Shall Lead Them
  5. Canadian Beginnings
  6. Gibbon and the Canadian Mosaic
  7. Red Is The Colour- The Other Mosaic –1900’s-30’s
  8. The Early Labour Song Tradition in Canada
  9. Red Front to Popular Front
  10. New Deal and No Deal
  11. Birth of a Nation
  12. Put Canada First!
  13. People’s Songs and People’s Music
  14. The Golden Age of Canadian Folk Song 1947- 1962- The Beginning
  15. The Emergence of a Repertoire
  16. The First Tour- The UJPO Folksingers
  17. Foreign Affairs
  18. World Music in the Golden Age
  19. Founding Folkies
  20. From Bonavista to the Vancouver Island
  21. Sam Gesser and Folkways Canada
  22. Country and Folk
  23. The “Revival”- Folk as Pop
  24. Mariposa Revisited- The End of the Beginning
  25. The Boom - Early Canadian Folk Professionals and the Marketplace
  26. The Songwriters
  27. East is East and West is West- Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver & Smaller Towns and Smaller Scenes
  28. Folk Rock
  29. The Real Boom- Folk in the 70’s
  30. The Festivals
  31. The Message in the Music- Political and Social Images in Songwriting and Folk Music in Canada in the 60’s and 70’s
  32. Bigger Than Ever- the 80’s
  33. New World, New Music
  34. The Little Folk- Children and Folk Music
  35. Looking Forward – Looking Backward- Folk Music at the End of the Century and the Beginning of the New Millennium
  36. What Does It Mean
19. Founding Folkies

Between the late 40’s and the early 60’s a generation of folk singers started their careers. A few have endured until today; more have been forgotten. They all, to varying degrees, left their mark and influenced those who came later. They include The UJPO Youth Singers, Alan Mills, Wade Hemsworth, Art Samuels, Mary Jane and Winston Young, Karen James, Merrick Jarrett, Bonny Dobson, The Couriers, The Travellers, Omar Blondahl, Alan McRae, Peter Wyborn, Tom Kines, Ian and Sylvia, The Raftsmen, and more.

Photo of folk singer Merrick Jarrett as printed in the 1968 Mariposa Festival Program, page 24.
Cover of the Camp Kinderland Songbook, circa 1950s
Cover of the National Federation of Labor Youth Songbook, Towards Singing Tomorrows, 1951
Promotional pamphlet from the Pacific Great Eastern Railway Company, Fall and Winter 1966-67. The Highriggers performed a song about the PGE
Album cover from Art Samuels’ Man of the Whole Wide World, released on Folkways Records
Cover of the book, The Songs of Wade Hemsworth, edited by Hugh Verrier, (Waterloo, ON: Penumbra Press, 1990)
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